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Unstructured text to ICD11

unstructured text to ICD11

Get productive in 9 minutes

# After downloading, installing, running Thatneedle's microservice on your machine

import requests
response ="http://localhost:9000/hi", {"q":"salmonella infection"});

Faster time to market

Instead of spending several months on a core piece of engineering for deep domains like healthcare NLP, you could focus on your business cases and bring your application to the market sooner.

Cost Effective

People often need to invest 10K-100K dollars in order to get a basic use case working and even then it does not meet the state-of-the-art performance that your business deserves.

Easy, ready to use

You don't need Clinical NLP specialist for this. Your regular programmers can easily integrate and start using ThatNeedle's NLU into your application to understand unstructured medical text and get relevant ICD 11 codes.

Medical NLP microservices

Our commercial Natural language processing library for healthcare automation is a high performance NLP tool for analysis and automation of clinical text like clinical impression (which is a clinical summation of information and the medical opinion formed). You can automate medical coding to obtain ICD (ICD11) codes from unstructured text. You can also it as a medical text analyzer for better understanding of the natural language text. Deliver better search results and analytics. This can be very helpful in CDI ( Clinical Documentation Improvement ) and CAC ( Computer Assisted Coding )

No training required

Any typical inhouse project starts with data collection, annotation which is followed by several iterations of training on expensive hardware. The resulting models then need to be testing on test data and then the model needs to be tweaked and training cycles typically need to be run again. This is an iterative process and doesn't always yield the results you want. ThatNeedle help you save all that trouble.

No GPU required!

ThatNeedle's medical NLP libraries are not dependent on GPUs/hardware accelerators.
Our libraries work efficiently on CPUs and this makes for economical operations.
This is unlike many other NLP frameworks where GPU or hardware accelerator is mandatory for getting the system ready.

Realtime fast

Fast analysis of clinical natural language with time of under 1ms for 10 word queries. This is an order of magnitude faster than some of the big names providing such services. (PAAS, IAAS). This is ideal for real time NLP, NLU applications involving sub-ms clinical text processing.

Custom Needs?

We can incorporate your custom natural language processing needs into a custom library. It will enjoy the same level of high performance ThatNeedle is known for. We only charge a reasonable fee for the customization that's only a fraction your inhouse engineering cost.
You should definitely consider ThatNeedle library for automation in healthcare as an alternative to Stanford NLP, NLTK or other open-source NLP frameworks especially for realtime offline nlp applications or where speed, size are important. It also performs better than commercial alternatives like Watson, LUIS,,, google nlp etc. and also the open source alternatives like NLTK, spacy etc. Please get in touch with your needs if you are looking for alternatives to above vendors.

Ready to be plugged in

Integration of ThatNeedle library by your programmers into your application is easy. All it takes is a lines of code to make restful call or a native function call to harness the the power of ThatNeedle. ThatNeedle's core technology has been built over a decade of work in NLP.
It is meant for developers and apart from the restful API that enable you to have NLP offline (on your machine without internet). It can work on Mac OSX (Apple), Windows and Linux variants.

List of some ThatNeedle binary Medical NLP components

Medical Entity Recognition

Real time detection of custom medical entities from unstructured text (Custom NER) and slot filling. Supports compound word and multiword recognition and conversion.

Unstructured text to ICD11

Convert unstructured biomedical text to ICD11.

Unstructured text to ICD10

Convert unstructured biomedical text to ICD10-CM

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