Intelligent Chatbots that converse like humans.

We can create amazing human like chatbots for you that can conduct conversations in text chat like humans. We tested out our chat bot on a chatforum and were able to engage users for an average of 10 minutes on a website that was entirely attended by bots.
i.e. The bot was able to pose as a human for an average of 10 minutes!!
This is no mean feat and we have used that confidence to offer you the best chatbot experience that technology can offer.


Understands intent nicely

The bot understand the user question or comments and is able to identify a relevat answer to the query. When more information is required from the user, the bot is able to elict information by asking relevant questions.

The bot is able to give practically instant replies.
Context Sensitive

ThatNeedle powered chatbot can give you context sensitive replies derived from the current conversation even the user query/statement does not offer anything.
Let us build it

Just let us know your needs and we will custom create exactly the entity extraction you need for your business.

Chatbot and Founder(Aman Angrish) in the news!!