Algorithmic trading

A custom data flow helps improve profits in derivates trading.


A client wanted to implement innovative ideas for derivative trading (Futures and options) .
They wanted to reap the benefits of real-time intelligent decision making for their financial investment.
The implementation had to be efficient and robust.


The implementation involved mathematics, programming and finance but special emphasis was given on usability so that configuring and tweaking parameters would be easy and not involve IT support to execute it.
We used our experience and knowledge of automation to implement the trading pipeline.
We engaged the client early on in the process to work out testing parameters and efficient ways of testing and validating the performance of the algorithm.
We are able to test and demonstrate the flawless functioning of the trades at significant points by breaking internet connection and restoring it !

Solution highlights:

  •   Easy to use and maintain
  •   Accurate operation
  •   Automatically resumes after connectivity disruption.


Based on our efficient implemention of the algorithmic trading software:

  •   Target higher returns with less risk.