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Matrimony legal research is made very easy.


Indian matrimony litigations involve of over a dozen acts, rules, procedures and guidelines which touch not only civil laws but criminal laws too.

Getting relevant information such as judgements and acts about specific sections of law is very tedious and frustrating.
Even professional legal researchers can get drowned in the flood of information and clutter when researching case laws for specific individual cases. Most search engines in law are generic in nature are based on keyword matching rather than topic relevance.


The design of the search experience had to take into account the niche nature of legal information and how users access it.

We implemented a natural language processing solution based on ThatNeedle's legal NLP and ThatNeedle's semantic legal knowledge graph. Our NLP solution could provide instant relevant information to the user, starting at the very first keystroke.

Legal NLP Solution highlights:

  •   Instant suggestions.
  •   Immediately classified into relevant categories/topics.
  •   Instantly shows subcategory of "won-by-husband" and "won-by-wife"
  •   Easy and intuitive for the layman too


Based on ThatNeedle's NLP powered site-search solution, the users were able to:

  •   Immediately Improve click-through rates and engagement
  •   Improve search relevance
  •   Easy user experience


Indian Matri Law is the best topic clustering and law search engine for Indian Family Law and case laws.
It beat Google,Bing and even Yippy. The issue at hand was to search the laws that apply to husbands duty, if any to provide for separated wife before a suit is filed or before divorce is finalized. Using Google, Bing and other search engines it was not possible to search this matter but Indian Matri Law search engines intutive topic clustering provided results before even the entire search term was entered in the search bar.Indian Matri Law is the best search engine for Indian Matrimonial Law data search. -Legal Researcher and user of the search portal