Transforming search
for real-estate

A data driven approach in real-estate search helps a client distinguish itself in the industry.


A real estate company wanted to distinguish their search experience.

They wanted to make their search richer, faster, better and easy. Their CEO approached ThatNeedle for implementing a fresh and engaging search experience. The client wanted to stand out in a stagnant space dominated by giants like magicbricks, 99acres etc. recognized the importance of search as the first point of interaction with the user.

The client was ambitious and wanted a distinct and rich experience, not seen before in the industry.


The search experience had to be different visually but we immediately recognized that the search implementation should be different functionally also.

The rendered search results could not just be implemented by using an off-the-shelf solution. There was no tried and tested solution because nothing of the sort had been seen in the market.

We used our unique insights and depth of knowledge of search and auto-suggestions to exceed the client's expectations by ensuring that the search suggestions were data-driven and based on client's data bank of real estate. This was further powered by our natural language processing engine.

This led to instant auto-suggestions that for which results would always be rendered. This was unlike other portals where end-user fill in details for about a minute and then are told that there are no such projects/properties available.

Now our client's users could see instant gratification !
From the data we created a multi-way linked model that captured all the relationships between various data-points that were available in the data.
We used our expertise in Natural language processing (NLP) and our innovative NLP components to power various features like price ranges, BHK-ranges, combo suggestions, misspelling, acronyms etc.
Finally, NLP features included not just auto-suggestions but handling unstructured natural language queries intelligently. It was delivered as an api to the client and quickly deployed into production. It also relied on ThatNeedle's Autosuggest NLP capability for powering the suggestions and facets.

Solution highlights:

  •   Custom Grouping of suggestions
  •   Horizontal and vertical sorting of suggestions
  •   Instant suggestions when the user types
  •   Instant Classification of the query results into relevant categories
  •   10x faster discovery
  •   Only relevant search results
  •   100% accurate
  •   Natural language queries supported
  •   Synonyms handled
  •   Acronynms handled
  •   Spelling corrections/variations handled
  •   3 weeks from start to going live

You can view a screen cast demo of the solution here:


Based on ThatNeedle's data driven and NLP powered solution, the real-estate client was able to:

  •   Distinguish its search and create a splash in the industry.
  •   Immediately Improve click-through rates and engagement
  •   Delight users with rich, relevant real-time suggestions


ThatNeedle is brilliant ! It helped us deliver the coolest search experience in the industry in a very short time. It's natural language ability is impressive and improving consistently. Partnering with ThatNeedle turned out to be a great business decision for our startup.