Relevant search
for sports retail

Improved search relevance helps a niche retail client get better conversion than Google's site search.


A sports retail company in the USA was using Google's site search for their site search.

They wanted to improve the search relevance for their niche site and Google site search was not helping them get the results they required. They had tried a few other vendors too and had a good idea of the state of the art performance available in the market and their own expectations from natural language search. They engaged ThatNeedle for implementing search to improve search relevance for their niche sports goods.


The search experience had to take into account the niche nature of the sports goods that they were selling. (Goods included scrimmage vests, cones, markers etc)

We used our search and Natural language processing expertise to create a new site-search implementation for the client.
We relied on our auto suggest other nlp, semantic search libraries
Finally, the integration with the old website was easy with a few lines of code in the web-page.

Solution highlights:

  •   Only relevant search results
  •   100% accurate
  •   Natural language queries supported
  •   Synonyms handled
  •   Acronynms handled
  •   Spelling corrections/variations handled
  •   Easy integration with a few lines of code

You can look at a side-by-side comparison of search quality of Google site search and ThatNeedle site search below:


Based on ThatNeedle's NLP powered site-search solution, the sports retail client was able to:

  •   Immediately Improve click-through rates and engagement
  •   Improve conversion rate


We started using the search engine technology provided by around 6 months back. Ever since we started using ThatNeedle's search technology, the user engagement on our site has improved considerably and we are getting more conversions. From what we can see, based on results on our site, they have delivered a much superior technology than our previous provider. Further, their support is matchless and fast. ThatNeedle is a boon for e-commerce sites and we would highly recommend them. This is definitely the best search engine for sites available in the market.