Predictive Analytics
for social media

Predictions based on social media data help marketing campaigns.


Leading social media websites such as Instagram have nearly a billion users. The users on these social networks are connected to several like minded people in the network and follow certain leaders.
These networking sites have attracted online advertisers because of the sheer size of the available audience.

But where should advertisers spend?
Which leaders should be paid for promoting certain products?
If a certain profile is used for promotion, will it benefit the advertising company?

The client engaged us to set up an analytics engine for effective advertising on a leading social network.


We created an analytics engine that could make useful predictions for advertisers.

Solution highlights:

  •   Predict locations (City, Country)
  •   Predict gender
  •   Identify influencers
  •   Gather Data
  •   Identify influential posts


Based on our analytics engine, the client was able to :

  •   Make faster decisions on advertising
  •   Make better decisions on advertising