5 results or less
We have fanatical focus on search quality. Our technology cuts through the clutter of content to extract only the 5 most relevant results.
Top notch relevance
Our results are the most relevant. All tests conducted so far put us way ahead of the competition.
No manual adjustment of results required
You shouldn't have to manually adjust search results for queries. That's what relevance is all about. We are great at finding relevant results and you won't have to manually "fix" your search results (as is the norm in some other sites).
Natural language based
While other search engines are doing keyword based searches, we have a very strong NLP(natural language processing) core. This leads to better search quality.
Mobile friendly
Works nicely on mobile phones and tablets.
Easy to start
All you need to do is send us your email-id and the site url that you want to index. We'll inform you when it has been indexed, and send you the line you should embed in the site.
Analytics - (coming soon)
Do you know what your customers are looking for? Why do they come to your website? Do you know all this by 'studying' indirect measures like clicks and time spent on a page? Don't Guess. Let them tell you what they are really looking for. In plain English.