Our service packages:

Bug Report for your searchbox
We will analyse your search feature, chatbot etc performance and send you a bug report of what's broken or what improvements could be possible.
$325 per hour (minimum 10 hours is chargeable)
Consult about anything related to getting insights from data, natural language, natural language search integration, nlp user experience etc
You don't have to be a natural language processing expert to be consulting with us.

Expert Consultation

There is more to chatbots, natural language processing and NLP applications than meets the naked eye. Tasks that are apparently easy can turn out be be extremely complex and may require expert insights. You can get nlp expert consultation around topics like user experience of natural language processing applications like chatbots, search box etc. Thatneedle consultation could be related the strategy of your mobile app , web app or any server side natural language processing / natural language understanding based application. Sometimes people have really amazing vision but do not know what is the best possible way to give the vision shape or if it is even technically possible. Or maybe people just want to consult to bounce ideas off someone who has experience and expertise in the field of nlp. Either way, people get good value for their money from the consultation. If you are looking for question answering interface, semantic catalogue creation, conversational interfaces like chat bots or any other kind of natural language understanding application you should get in touch for NLP services.