Aman Angrish

Founder, CEO
Aman has a fanatical focus on low-latency in data insights. He is the creator of the NLU/nlp/natural language processing kernel that drives semantic indexing and lookup for verticals like telecom, biomedicine, biopharma etc.
In a previous avatar, he worked with giants like Comcast, Qwest Communications, Lucent and leading product companies like Quark. He has been in the software industry for 22 years now and is an Engineer from PEC(Punjab Engg. College, Chandigarh). Aman is the author of 'C++ deep learning with Caffe' published by Packt - A U.K. publishing company.
Prateek Bansal

IT Infrastructure
Silicon valley veteran with more than 19 years experience building software architectures, writing and debugging code. Experience working with financial institutions, internet giants, telecommunications and consulting companies at senior and leadership positions. Worked on wide range of projects including real-time big data, recommendations, search, billing and payments.
Alumnus of IIT (Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai) and
CMU(Carnegie Mellon University, USA).
Vikas Lamba

Finance Wizard
His key transaction execution experience includes IT services, software and online assets across Europe. He also served as Director with Ernst & Young, Allegro Capital
Alumnus of IIT (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi) and
London Business school, UK.