Semantic Knowledge graphs

Enhance your text with niche knowledge

Better Recommendations

Better Relevance

embedded NLP

Real time Fast

ThatNeedle's proprietary implementation of knowledge graphs give efficient representation of information for speed.


Get insights into hierarchies and relationships between entitites based on the vertical. Appropriate relationships are mapped for the vertical.

Vertical aware

Instead of relying on general purpose knowledge graphs, we have niche aware knowledge graphs that take into account your vertical's information. Among others there are legal knowldege graph, pharma knowledge graph, retail knowledge graph etc

These domain specific knowledge graphs are designed to work well with any of ThatNeedle's real time NLP library for optimum real time performance and offline deployment. Please see the wide range of capabilities available. Do contact us for any custom needs for a semantic catalogue or a domain specific application that requires knowledge graphs. Many of the case studies outlined also make use of these graphs in various ways.

If you have your own taxonomies or any preferred taxonomy or ontology, please do let us know. We can incorporate customization from your data lake or KOS/SKOS too. Even if you have no datasets immediately available we can seed with our own data sets and get started.

Programming Language Support

You will get a header file and a .a file (binary static library) that you can use with your C++ program.

Library for Python - You will get a .so file (binary) that you can import in your Python code.

Library for Java - Coming soon !