Lead generation using Tech Topic Extractor

Topic extraction helps in content filtering and lead generation.


A large volume of text flows in various technology forums on the internet. This includes blogs, news, community driven forums, question-answering sites, etc.

Businesses such as merger & acquisition firms, advisories, developer relations etc need to stay on top of technology information. They need a tool that can classify text automatically and understands the jargon of technology.


ThatNeedle's tech topic extractor is a packaged niche solution for technology sector. It efficiently integrates the use of ThatNeedle's proprietary NLP libraries and domain knowledge graph to create a domain specific classification application.

Product/Solution highlights:

  •   Instant extraction of technology topics and attributes
  •   Hierarchy of topics and attributes
  •   Inference of topics from text, not just keyword extraction
  •   Ready to use as a microservice
  •   On premise
  •   Cross platform


Using ThatNeedle's Tech-Topic-Extractor (TTE) the client was able to:

  •   Improve operational efficiency of the text processing
  •   Generate more leads from the processed information


ThatNeedle’s tech-topic extractor is amazing in its ability to extract the main topics of text and remove the noise. We can quickly classify tech sector posts to identify trends, opportunities and insights. This ultimately helps in lead generation for our business.