Intelligent Chatbots that converse like humans.

We can create amazing human like chatbots for you that can conduct conversations in text chat like humans. We tested out our chat bot on a chatforum and were able to engage users for an average of 10 minutes on a website that was entirely attended by bots.
i.e. The bot was able to pretend to chat as a human for an average of 10 minutes!!
Our bot uses state of the art Natural language processing(NLP), NLU(natural language understading) to give you the best possible automation and user experience.
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Understands intent

The chatbot understands the user question or comments and is able to identify a relevant answer to the query. When more information is required from the user, the chatbot is able to elicit information by asking relevant questions.

The bot is able to give practically instant replies to the user queries. This gives a sense of instant gratification to the user and improves satisfaction.
Context Sensitive

ThatNeedle powered chatbot can understand natural language and give you context sensitive replies derived from the current conversation even the user query/statement does not offer anything when analysed independently.
Custom built or generated

If you want a custom built bot on top of ThatNeedle's NLP, just let us know your needs and we will custom create exactly the customer service chatbot you need for your business.
You can enable yourself with our chatbot generation toolkit to generate bots from your catalogue without programming knowledge.

Chatbot and Founder(Aman Angrish) in the news!!

What to look for in a chat bot

1. Bot Speed: Is your chatbot's response fast enough?
2. Language understanding: Can it understand user queries in natural language?
3. Context understanding: Can it understand context?
4. Applicability to your business case: How well can the solution help you achieve your business goals?
5. Economy: Time/Money involved? Build a chatbot vs buy?

Should you deploy a ready to use bot framework

You could use one of the many available chatbot building / chatbot creation frameworks in the market. Many of these tools are free. However, if you want to build a chatbot , you should consider the end result you are trying to achieve and then understand the value that each framework or bot tool brings to the table. ThatNeedle's chatbot will give you good value for money. We will be able to deliver faster, better and more economical chatbots that your in house engineering team. There are many AI-powered virtual assistants being hyped in the market today, but hardly any of them can give precise answers consistently. Many systems are AIML based but you need to be sure that AIML is what you want. While it is true that integration with other messengers like Facebook messenger, Slack etc is important, the core chat quality experience should not be forgotten. The core chat experience can be the make or break factor in the success of your bot. If your customer thinks he is getting value from chat with computer he will engage better with your business.

NLP / Natural language processing capabilities in bots -> Conversational interfaces

A modern chat bot should definitely have natural language understanding (NLU)/ NLP capabilities for it to be effective in business. Many bot frameworks lack NLP capabilities. Many solutions package multiple opensource or commercial solutions together but the end result is far from desirable. A good bot with mature NLP technology will be able to give you good answers rapidly, and will thus make for a good conversational interface. Others will only frustrate your customers. Chatbot programming is something that anyone could do but not everyone is good at it. Mostly people are not advanced enough and end up spoiling the experience instead of improving it. In many cases real time computation might be required to give proper answers. Please see demo above to see how the bot is able to quickly parse the query, calculate some data and give precise replies to the user. This in turn leads to the best chatbot experience for your end users. Ideally, an ai chatbot for customer service should be able to understand user needs, engage the customer and respond in a way so as to maximize the life time value of the customer to your business.