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ThatNeedle makes
Understanding BETTER

Blazingly fast NLP

Getting even faster !

Offline Option

Data Privacy. No need to share
your query data.

Resolves Ambiguity

Understands intent and Intelligently resolves ambiguity according to context.

Precise Entity Recognition

High precision and high recall

Only Relevant Answers

Architected to understand
context in Natural Language.

Semantic by Design

Understands intent according to
context in Natural Language.

Proprietary NLP Stack

Not dependant on any 3rd party
components. No Lucene inside!


We wanted to minimize user’s clicks and efforts in reaching a specific search result and also make it predictive based on user need sensing and natural language .

ThatNeedle team truly understood our requirements and came up with a very high quality output in a very quick time. The implementation was easy with absolutely no integration issues. We are getting higher click through rates and more page views after implementing the new search. We are now working on next phase to make the search truly semantic in every sense.

I would highly recommend ThatNeedle to anyone who is looking to better search experience for their site users. Their team is experienced and very supportive for customized requirements.

Vivek Agarwal

We started using the search engine technology provided by around 6 months back. Ever since started using ThatNeedle's search technology, the user engagement on our site has improved considerably and we are getting more conversions.

From what we can see, based on results on our site, they have delivered a much superior technology than our previous provider. Further, their support is matchless and fast. ThatNeedle is a boon for e-commerce sites and we would highly recommend them. This is definitely the best search engine for sites available in the market.

Thank you

Ruchi Mahajan
Cintz LLC, USA

My consultation with Aman was excellent. He really understands the nuances of NLP and strives diligently on a daily basis to master this complex discipline. I eagerly look forward to working with him in the weeks and months ahead.

K. Lane
Entrepreneur, USA

Consulting Services

Bug Report/Improvements for search


We will analyse your search performance and send you
a bug report of what's broken and / or how you could improve the search and discovery experience on your website. We make search better.

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$100/ per hour

(minimum 1 hour is chargeable) Consult about
anything related to strategy for your website, chatbot, search and discovery, semantic apps, user experience, automation of customer support, efficiency, parallel data processing, natural language processing applications etc.

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