Natural language classifier

You can instantly and accurately classify you text into appropriate buckets.
Our classifier uses state of the art natural language understanding/NLP to give you best results. It is based on ThatNeedle's proprietary high-precision and high-recall language processing stack.


We will give you semantically better results than other commercial and open-source classification solution in the market today. This is because we are not based on finding keywords and tagging them.
We go deeper into the semantics and understand the intent of the text better than others to give you the best text classification. We also make use of our own proprietary knowledge graph for best results.

How fast? Practically instant for most email messages!
Want figures? Less than 1 millisecond for processing most sentences under 10 words.
Cloud based

We deploy our classifier service via an API in the cloud.
That means you don't need to indulge in setup and infrastructure. Just put the ThatNeedle classifier to use and start improving your business.
No expertise needed

You don't need to be an expert in NLP, machine learning(ML) etc. No need to get acquianted with all the mumbo-jumbo. Just let us know your needs and we will custom create exactly the classifier you need for automatic text classification for your business.

Custom text classifiers!

Get in touch with us about your custom text classification tools needs. We will create one that works much better than anything else might put together. You should definitely discuss your machine learning, classification, natural language processing business needs with us and give ThatNeedle a try.